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The latest in online gambling technology, Flash and Java Casinos are fast and convenient to use, and also very simple. No download is required, flash online casinos – are fun to play with because of the technology they use and their outstanding graphics. Flash casinos are fun for everyone and it doesn’t matter what your tastes in casino games are – with flash casinos there is something for everyone to enjoy. Just Pick your best casino bonus here and start playing!

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Once you have learned the basic and simple rules of baccarat, they will be easy to remember and you will feel comfortable sitting at any baccarat table or mini baccarat table in a casino or at your computer playing online. Read More


Blackjack is known by other names: Twenty-one in some countries and Pontoon in BritainRead more


Craps, which started  out in life called ‘crabs’, is  a casino gambling game  played with a pair of dice.  Roman emperors such as Augustus, Caligula and Nero were known to be obsessive dice players. It was also known that a part of their goal included cheating. Find out more about Craps history.


There are several theories on the origin of the roulette wheel. While most agree that the game originated in France others declare it started in the East, namely China, and was brought to France by Dominican monks who were trading with the Chinese in early seventeenth century.  Read the short history of Roulette.


Charles Fey is celebrated for inventing the slot machine in the year 1895. He went on to improve the initial invention when in 1907 he joined the company Mills Novelty which manufactured the Mills Liberty Bell. Want to find out more about the history behind the invention of the slot machines?


Video Poker is initially based on both the game of poker and on slot machines. There has not yet been a documented history of poker. Even today there is still no real agreement as to whether or not the name is derived from the rench ‘poque,’ or possibly from the German ‘Pochspiel’. Some even believe that its source is in the Hindu ‘pukka’.


Flash Casino Games: Ease, Convenience, Speed

Flash casino games, the latest in online gambling technology, are not only fast and convenient to use, they are also very simple to use. Read More

What is Flash Casino and Who Can Play?

Flash casino is instant gambling at its best. It offers quick access to standard casino games like flash poker, blackjack and roulette. It is true that, because Flash casino is a no-download casino, not all of the games you might wish to play are available, but the games that are offered are of the same quality and level of games offered at any other online casino. Read More

Hunting For the Best Flash Casinos

When you first hear about flash casinos you probably don’t know what they are all about. You can ask regular gamblers if they’ve ever been to a flash casino and the chances are they won’t know what you are talking about. Read More

Online Casinos before Flash Casinos Came Along

Since the advent of flash casinos, playing at an online casino has never been the same. The flash casino technology has changed completely the way we can play at online casinos. Before flash casino technology, the only way to play at an online casino was to first download the software onto your computer. Read More

The Pluses of Using Flash Casinos

It is generally the case that those who play at flash casino games are attracted to them because of their speed and “flashiness”. Those who play flash casinos usually do so by playing on the Internet. Not only do they not necessitate any program downloading but in addition they are played at a very rapid pace. Read More

We are bored – But I Found an Effective Solution to This Boredom

Just before the storm hit, we had fortunately restocked the food store and the liquor cupboard. Along with this we had our extremely large DVD collection and a complete range of the most up-to-date video games. Read More

All That It Takes Is A Click and In A Flash Online Gambling Is Available

Online gambling has without question become such a gigantic industry that it is quite possible that one day we will read some headline such as “Flash – Online Casinos Conquer the Internet” or “Flash – Online Casinos found to be Grossing Billions of Dollars Every Month.” Read More

Modern Technology Meets Modern Entertainment

Technology is advancing all of the time and nothing seems untouched by these advances. Entertainment is no exception and flash casinos are an excellent example of entertainment and modern technology combined. Read More